Screencaps de la serie Buffy, todos los episodios por temporadas. Para bajar a tu ordenador y utilizarlas para lo que necesites. También puedes acceder en el menú a pie de cada episodio.

Primera Temporada

1X01 Welcome to the Helmouth

1X02 The Harvest

1X03 The Witch

1X04 Teacher's Pet

1X05 Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

1X06 The Pack

1X07 Angel

1X08 I Robot, You Jane

1X09 The Puppet Show

1X10 Nightmares

1X11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight

1X12 Prophecy Girl

Segunda Temporada

2X01 When She Was Bad

2X02 Some Assembly Required

2X03 School Hard

2X04 Inca Mummy Girl

2X05 Reptile Boy

2X06 Halloween

2X07 Lie To Me

2X08 The Dark Age

2X09 What's My Line part I

2X10 What's My Line part II

2X11 Ted

2X12 Bad Eggs

2X13 Suprise

2X14 Innocence

2X15 Phases

2X16 Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

2X17 Passion

2X18 Killed By Death

2X19 I Only Have Eyes For You

2X20 Go Fish

2X21 Becoming part I

2X22 Becoming part II

Tercera Temporada

3X01 Anne

3X02 Dead Man's Party

3X03 Faith, Hope & Trick

3X04 Beauty & the Beasts

3X05 Homecoming

3X06 Band Candy

3X07 Revelations

3X08 Lovers Walk

3X09 The Wish

3X10 Amends

3X11 Gingerbread

3X12 Helpless

3X13 The Zeppo

3X14 Bad girls

3X15 Consequences

3X16 Dopplegängland

3X17 Enemies

3X18 Earshot

3X19 Choices

3X20 The Prom

3X21 Graduation Day, Part I

3X22 Graduation Day, Part II

Cuarta Temporada

4X01 The Freshman

4X02 Living Conditions

4X03 Harsh Light of Day

4X04 Fear Itself

4X05 Beer Bad

4X06 Wild At Heart

4X07 The Initiative

4X08 Pangs

4X09 Something Blue

4X10 Hush

4X11 Doomed

4X12 A New Man

4X13 The I in Team

4X14 Goodbye Iowa

4X15 This Years Girl

4X16 Who Are You

4X17 Superstar

4X18 Where The Wild Things Are

4X19 New Moon Rising

4X20 The Yoko Factor

4X21 Primeval

4X22 Restless

Quinta Temporada

5X01 Buffy vs Dracula

5X02 Real Me

5X03 The Replacement

5X04 Out of My Mind

5X05 No Place Like Home

5X06 Family

5X07 Fool For Love

5X08 Shadow

5X09 Listening to Fear

5X10 Into the Woods

5X11 Triangle

5X12 Checkpoint

5X13 Blood Ties

5X14 Crush

5X15 I Was Made to Love You

5X16 The Body

5X17 Forever

5X18 Intervention

5X19 Tough Love

5X20 Spiral

5X21 The Weight of the World

5X22 The Gift

Sexta Temporada

6X01 Bargaining, Part I

6X02 Bargaining, Part II

6X03 After Life

6X04 Flooded

6X05 Life Serial

6X06 All The Way

6X07 Once More With Feeling

6X08 Tabula rasa

6X09 Smashed

6X10 Wrecked

6X11 Gone

6X12 DoubleMeat Palace

6X13 Dead Things

6X14 Older and Far Away

6X15 As You Were

6X16 Hells Bells

6X17 Normal Again

6X18 Entropy

6X19 Seeing Red

6X20 Villains

6X21 Two To Go

6X22 Grave

Séptima Temporada

7X01 Lessons

7X02 Beneath You

7X03 Same Time, Same Place

7X04 Help

7X05 Selfless

7X06 Him

7X07 Conversations with Dead People

7X08 Sleeper

7X09 Never Leave Me

7X10 Bring on The Night

7X11 Showtime

7X12 Potentials

7X13 The Killer in Me

7X14 First Date

7X15 Get it Done

7X16 Storyteller

7X17 Lies My Parents Told Me

7X18 Dirty Girls

7X19 Empty Places

7X20 Touched

7X21 End of Days

7X22 Chosen


Escenas Spuffy

4x09 Something blue the wedding

5x04 OOMM the dream

5x07 Fool for love the stairs

5x18 Intervention relax

5x18 Intervention the first kiss

6x03 After life the hands

6x05 Life serial the cript

6x07 OMWF rest in peace

6x07 OMWF the kiss

6x08 Tabula rasa the final kiss

6x09 Smashed love

6x11 Gone this is cheating

6x13 Dead things Buffy bedroom

6x13 Dead things the balcony

6x15 As you where sorry William

6x15 As you where tell me you love me

6x16 Hells bells it hurts

7x02 Beneath you the soul

7x11 Showtime the rescue

7x12 Potentials the shirt

7x14 First date the date

7x20 Touched only love

7x20 Touched you are the one

7x22 Chosen the end

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